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CJA 20

The following are not reimbursable expenses and should not be claimed (see Guidelines § 230.66)


  1. General office overhead, such as rent, telephone services, and secretarial services.

  2. Expenses for items of a personal nature for the client (e.g., clothes, haircuts).

  3. The cost of printing briefs. However, the cost of photocopying or similar copying service is reimbursable.

  4. Fact witness fees, witness travel costs, and expenses for service of subpoenas. These expenses are not paid out of the CJA appropriation, but instead are paid by the Department of Justice pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 17, and 28 U.S.C. § 1825 (link is external). Contact the United States Marshal for payment procedures. See CJA Guidelines §§ 230.66.50 and 320.40, for guidance on payment of witness fees generally.

  5. Filing fees. These fees are waived for persons proceeding under the CJA.

  6. Taxes paid on attorney compensation, whether based on income, sales, or gross receipts are not reimbursable expenses.

Note: The cost of allowable investigative, expert, or other services. (See Chapter 3, CJA Guidelines).