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Juror Fees

You will receive an attendance fee of $50.00 per day plus round-trip mileage at the current applicable government rate. Each juror is required to report their one way mileage on their first appearance. If you live seventy (70) miles or more from the court and choose to spend the night, you will be paid a subsistence fee of $151.00 per day, plus hotel taxes. Jurors should request the government rate when booking a hotel room for jury service.  Jurors are responsible for payment of their lodging and to provide the clerk with the original itemized lodging receipt. Hotels near the courthouse that offer government rates are listed under the Courthouse Information tab.  Attendance fees are considered taxable income. However, mileage and subsistence fees are not. You will need to keep a record of the fees you receive as no tax has been withheld, and as a general rule no W-2 forms are furnished. If however, you should earn more than $600, this office will prepare a 1099 income tax form to be submitted to the IRS. A Federal Government Employee is not entitled to an attendance fee unless that person is in non-pay status during all or part of his/her jury service. If you are a Federal Employee, please notify the Jury Clerk on your first appearance. This does not apply to postal employees. Attendance slips are provided daily at the juror's request.