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Resources for Media Representatives related to the United States v. Brendt A Christensen, Case No. 17-cr-20037


General Information

A significant amount of information regarding covering criminal trials can be found in the Covering Criminal Trials – Journalist’s Guide on the United States Courts' website.  This information may be helpful in answering questions on many media related topics that you may have. 

Additional questions may be submitted to:

Access to Documents

The Central District of Illinois uses an electronic case filing system (Case Management/Electronic Case Files or “CM/ECF”).  The public can obtain documents entered into CM/ECF through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (“PACER”) system.  You will need to register with PACER in order to access documents.  The fees charged for the records are listed on the PACER website.

The direct link to the PACER website is:

PACER is easy to use and offers an inexpensive, fast, and comprehensive case information service to any individual with a personal computer ("PC") and Internet access. 

You may also request documents by directly contacting the Clerk’s office or making a request through  There is a $.10 per-page charge for any requested documents. 

Media Credentials

Initial registration period has ended.  Non-registered media representatives may seek open seats with the general public.  Please check back often to see if additional media registrations are being accepted.

Local Rules 

Members of the media should be aware the Central District of Illinois has published Local Rules in order to manage the orderly and expeditious disposition of cases.  The Local Rules can be found at:

Please be aware the Local Rules provide:  Subject to extremely limited exceptions, NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE PERMITTED IN THE COURTHOUSE.  Local Rule 83.7.   

Recent Orders


Order dated June 28, 2019 (ECF No. 431).pdf

Order dated June 28, 2019 (ECF No. 432).pdf

Order dated June 28, 2019 (ECF No. 433).pdf

Supplemental Order Establishing Juror Selection Procedures

Order and Opinion dated April 24, 2019 (ECF No. 312).pdf

Order and Opinion dated April 24, 2019 (ECF No. 311).pdf

Order and Opinion dated April 24, 2019 (ECF No. 310).pdf

Protective Order dated April 24, 2019 (ECF No. 308).pdf

Order and Opinion dated April 23, 2019 (ECF No. 307).pdf

Decorum Order dated April 16, 2019 (ECF No. 302).pdf

Order Establish Juror Selection Procedure dated April 12, 2019 (ECF No. 301).pdf

Order and Opinion dated April 11, 2019 (ECF No. 300).pdf