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CJA 24

A. Apportionment of Transcript Cost --The Judicial Conference has stated that the total cost of accelerated transcript services should not be routinely apportioned among parties. See CJA Guidelines § 320.30.20.

B. Types of Transcripts --

Note: All but ordinary transcript services, to be delivered within 30 days after receipt of an order, require special prior judicial authorization.

(1) 14-Day - to be delivered within 14 calendar days after receipt of an order.

(2) Expedited - to be delivered within 7 calendar days after receipt of an order.

(3) Daily - to be delivered following adjournment and prior to the normal opening hour of the court on the following morning, whether or not it is an actual court day.

(4) Hourly – ordered under unusual circumstances to be delivered within 2 hours.

(5) Realtime Undedited Transcript – to be delivered electronically during the proceedings or immediately following adjournment.

C. Trial Transcripts -- In the absence of special prior authorization, trial transcripts shall exclude the prosecution opening statement, the defense opening statement, the prosecution argument, the defense argument, the prosecution rebuttal, the voir dire and jury instructions.

D. Multi-defendant Cases -- According to Judicial Conference policy, no more than one transcript should be purchased from the court reporter on behalf of CJA defendants in multi-defendant cases. Arrangements should be made for duplication of enough transcript copies, at commercially competitive rates, for each CJA defendant for whom a transcript has been approved. The cost will be paid from CJA funds. This policy does not preclude the court reporter from providing copies at the commercially competitive rate. In addition, the court may grant an exception to this policy based upon a finding that application of the policy will unreasonably impede the delivery of accelerated transcripts to persons proceeding under the CJA. See CJA Guidelines § 320.30.30.