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CJA 31


If this is a request for an examination by a psychiatrist or psychologist, state whether the purpose of the examination is to determine: (1) the current mental state of the person represented, or (2) the mental state at the time of the person's alleged offense. Counsel may request authorization to obtain necessary psychiatric and related services when the purpose of an examination is to assist the defense and counsel wishes to control disclosure of the examination report (i.e., keep it confidential from the court and the prosecution) as well as to select the expert conducting the examination. If the examination is ordered pursuant to a statute, cite the statute (U.S. Code, title and section). See CJA Guidelines § 320.20.

In habeas corpus proceedings, payment of fees and expenses of psychiatric examinations for purposes other than representation of the petitioner is not paid from Defender Services funds, but is determined by the rules governing 28 U.S.C. § 2254 (link is external) cases in the United States district courts and rules governing 28 U.S.C. § 2255 (link is external) cases in the United States courts. In order to avoid confusion and possible delays in payment, the order authorizing the services to be obtained should specify the statutory authority and the agency responsible for payment.